poultry manure pellet mill for processing organic fertilizer pellets

Introduction of manure pellet mill
organic fertilizer manure pellet mill is Partner company newly invented professional 
systems which combine actual production experiences and advanced technologies at 
home and abroad. We can provide a integrated service of single bag ingredients, single bag mixing and single bag packaging.

Equipment characteristics of manure pellet mill
  • The pruduct pellet is ball.
  • The organic content can be high to 100%, make pure organic granulate.
  • Using organic matter in a certain force, the characteristics of each other Mosaic grew up, not need granulation with bonding agent
  • Solid particles, after granulation(http://www.hnfertilizermachine.com/new_design_granulator.html) can sieve, reduce the energy consumption of drying
  • After fermentation organisms need not dry, raw material contains moisture content can be in 20% - 40%
Features of manure pellet mill
1. Precise batching
The dispensing system(https://www.hnfertilizermachine.com/)is controlled by computer and weighed by electronic equipment. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and additives in BB fertilizers are measured by the proportion of independent.
Each metering device can set more scientific, more reasonable and more stringent ratio according to the difference of content among nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and additives. 
the organic fertilizer granulator is possible for us to make proportioning accuracy reach≤±0.2.

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